Excel Sheet

Roll kg to Meter Square (m²)

In any Flexible Packaging job, we have to convert Running Meter or Linear Meter to Square Meter (m²). In this video you can learn and use Excel Sheet to Convert Linear Meter of Film (BoPP, Pet, LDPE etc.) to Square Meter. First we convert roll kg to meter using subjected Roll Width or Coil Size.

Packing List

Download Packing List format in Excel

Flexible Packaging being the fast moving Industry, require skilled manpower every single day.

While doing the production of Mono Layer job likes BoPP slitting, we have to make the Packing List either manually or using computer. Even if you are doing Manual entry of the Packing List you need to enter the data in Excel Sheet. Here you can download Excel Sheet for entering the date.

Same sheet can be used for Laminate job as well.

  • BoPP + BoPP
  • Pet + LDPE
  • Pet + Foil + LDPE