Calculation Costing Excel Sheet

Raw Material Calculation for Film, Ink & Adhesive

Raw Material Calculation & Costing is one of the main requirements for any Flexible Packaging job. Be it as simple as Mono Layer (BoPP) or 2 ply job of (Bopp + BoPP).

Without doing Raw Material Calculation and Costing one can never get the idea of final Laminate Cost Price for the company.

Same Excel sheet one can use to Calculate various structure of final Laminates.
for eg:.
– BoPP 20 Micron + BoPP 20 Micron
– Polyester Film 12 Micron + LDPE 40 Micron
– Polyester Film 12 Micron + Aluminum Foil 7 Micron + LDPE 40 Micron

List is endless.